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Please note, the Administrative Office is transitioning systems. A NEW website will be coming soon.

Annual Dependent Re-Enrollment – Coverage Effective 1/1/2018


The 2018 Annual Dependent Re-Enrollment and annual notices packet has been mailed. Completed enrollment forms must be signed and returned (via mail, fax or email) to the Administrative office by November 23, 2017. A...

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News & Updates

Your New Trust Administrator – BeneSys, Inc.


The Idaho Pipe Trades Trust has selected BeneSys, as the new Health and Welfare and Pension Plan Administrator effective October 1, 2015.

 What does this mean to you?

 These things have remained the same:

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Coverage Changes


If you are adding or removing dependents throughout the year or at initial eligibility, please note that you must notify the Administrative Office within 60 days of a gaining eligibility. You are required to complete an enrollment form (located under Health & Welfare Forms) and submit it to the Administrative Office within 60 days of being eligible for coverage or the date of eligibility (marriage/birth/adoption.) After that form is submitted, you are then required to submit legal paperwork within an additional 60 days from the date of the enrollment deadline, which is 120 days after the date of the event. REMEMBER – YOU MUST SUBMIT THE ENROLLEMNT FORM WITHIN THE FIRST 60 DAYS OF YOU OR YOUR DEPENDENTS ELIGILBITY DATE. No claims will be paid for enrolled dependents until the Administrative Office receives the required copies of marriage or birth certificate(s) and late paperwork will cause a delay in eligibility for your dependents. For full details please see the Summary Plan Description.Should you have any questions please contact the Administrative Office at 208-288-1610 or 800-808-1687 within the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.